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Mentor Sacramento

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Small Business. Big Ideas.

Sacramento is a city built on small business—and big ideas.

Companies with fewer than nine employees make up more than 80 percent of Sacramento’s dynamic and diverse business community. They are restaurant owners, retailers, artists, young tech startups, BIPOC and women-owned businesses. During this period of recovery, we need inclusive access to stronger networks, to each other and outside our community, to build resilience and growth.

More than ever, the companies that make up the fabric of our community are seeking out socially distanced guidance and support as they navigate new challenges.

This is a moment for Sacramento to band together, harnessing virtual resources to build toward recovery, resilience, and economic prosperity. “Business as usual” is now in our hands to redefine.

Introducing Mentor Sacramento.


I felt like I just went back to college. (My mentor’s) advice led to my first organic sale on my website.

Cera Muchiri, founder, Ecodunia


Our Story

Mentor Sacramento is an innovative and inclusive partnership between the City of Sacramento and MicroMentor, the online business mentoring platform that connects diverse small business owners to volunteer business mentors. The project also involves community organizations that serve the Sacramento small business ecosystem, like the Carlsen Center, which was a key partner in this project. Through this free, easy-to-use online platform, we are building socially distanced bridges between Sacramento’s business community and experienced volunteer mentors who can steer our bright entrepreneurs to a bright future. Join a growing community that has already enabled thousands of mentor-mentee matches and continues to make an impact through the power of mentoring to help small businesses thrive.

Join our free community of entrepreneurs and volunteer mentors.

  • 1. Create a Profile on Mentor Sacramento

    A complete profile is the first step to connecting with business mentors. It’s who you are and why you’re here. The quality of your profile makes an important impression on your potential connections.

  • 2. Reach Out to Others and Connect

    Explore members who have the profile you're looking for. Reach out by sending messages to several members. Start a conversation and find the right fit for you.

  • 3. Start Mentoring

    Now that you've found a match, ask questions, share, and listen. Agree on how and when to communicate using email, video chat, or a phone call. Set goals and start solving problems together.


Mentoring is a critical vehicle, through which entrepreneurs are able to realize their dreams. At the highest level, we see mentoring as a vehicle for individual mentors to realize their higher purpose.

Anita Ramachandran, Executive Director, MicroMentor


83% business survival rate for early-stage mentored entrepreneurs


Mentored entrepreneurs create twice as many new jobs as non-mentored entrepreneurs


34% of mentored entrepreneurs experience increased access to financial resources

Mentor Sacramento caters to Sacramento’s diverse business ecosystem.

In a city as diverse as Sacramento, the needs of our business leaders are wide-ranging. Mentor Sacramento allows entrepreneurs to self-select mentoring matches on their own terms and prioritizes creating a low barrier to entry for all through targeted outreach and support. For BIPOC-, women-, and immigrant-owned companies who may have been historically excluded, this lowers the barrier for access to mentors and resources.

Four key audiences in the Mentor Sacramento program are:


Main Street Businesses from restaurants to retail shops, seeking knowledge about how to access emergency funding, manage precious financial resources, and retain customers.


Young Innovators looking to tap into the experience of community and global business leaders to spur them onward, from a disruptive idea to a funded startup.


The owners of High-Growth Ventures and lean startups interested in finding industry experts to best harness innovative approaches and identify new opportunities as they adapt to uncertainty.


Volunteer Business Mentors, the spirit of Mentor Sacramento. The program recruits experienced business professionals from within Sacramento and draws from MicroMentor’s network of 36,000 volunteers positioned across industries and around the globe.


I didn’t really have a mentor in my formative years. Now I see the benefit of what I wish I had.

Rita Kakati-Shah, Founder and CEO, Uma

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