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Small Business. Big Ideas.

Mentor Sacramento aims to revitalize Sacramento’s business ecosystem. Startup growth in the state’s capital still ranks in the bottom 25 percent of U.S. metropolitan areas. This project will capitalize on the strength of Sacramento’s small business community, which is richly diverse, creative, connected and growing, especially as new innovators seek refuge from more populated and expensive cities across the country. And Mentor Sacramento will keep a laser focus on economic inclusion.


Often there’s information missing that can really help entrepreneurs grow, to take them to the next level.

Aubree Taylor, Office of Innovation and Development, City of Sacramento


Small business is the soul of Sacramento.

It’s also a complex network of many different kinds of businesses that make up the foundation of this community. We chose MicroMentor and the virtual business mentorship model because we know that a focus solely on financial capital or technical support often leaves the importance of human connection and shared learnings behind.

MicroMentor has built a robust network of 36,000 volunteer mentors around the world, from every industry imaginable. Program participants will be able to access support and expertise from people who not only look and sound like them, but also who can provide the global perspectives that champion bold new ideas and to help build up business owner’s skills and confidence. And they’ll be able to fit these conversations into busy schedules, with low constraints on their precious time and resources, at no cost.

Our goals are aspirational, but within reach.

  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Sacramento’s business community grows more diverse every year, but the gap between those thriving and struggling is also growing, especially among BIPOC-owned and women-owned businesses. Mentorship delivered from a diverse local and global network of experienced professionals can serve as a tool to address this problem.

  • A targeted focus, at scale.

    Mentor Sacramento’s approach is to open Sacramento’s business community to the world, but with a concentrated focus on inclusive stakeholder groups, so that we can best serve the community at scale.

  • No echo chambers.

    By tapping into MicroMentor’s global network and connecting professionals city-wide, Mentor Sacramento pushes participants out of their comfort zones and “information bubbles,” towards new ideas and perspectives that cultivate innovation and success.

  • Community of trust.

    The platform offers 24/7 user support, a clear agreement between mentor and mentee about the monitoring of community expectations for the platform and the sharing of personal business information, Mentor Sacramento is a free and safe place to collaborate.


The City of Sacramento, Office of Innovation & Economic Development

The City of Sacramento is committed to growing a strong, inclusive, and vibrant economy. The Office of Innovation & Economic Development encourages job growth and investment in the City of Sacramento by retaining, attracting, growing, and scaling new and innovative businesses.

As an advocate and resource, the Office of Innovation & Economic Development assists in creating the conditions that make it easy to do business in Sacramento.

  • Resource and incentive programs
  • Site selection
  • Project assistance and financing options
  • Promoting the City and region as a desirable business location
  • Creating opportunities for international trade and investment


Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Carlsen Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Sacramento State provides access to innovation and entrepreneurship education, programs and mentorship. Our mission is to make innovation and entrepreneurship simple, accessible and pervasive throughout the Greater Sacramento Region. The success of entrepreneurs balances on the collaboration and support between the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem and the academic ecosystems. By forging alliances with students and faculty, along with public and private organizations, the Carlsen Center offers practical experience in experimentation and innovation, coupled with networking and collaborative opportunities to support the next generation of impact-driven innovators and entrepreneurs at Sac State and in the regional ecosystem.

The Sacramento Region is rich with experienced and successful entrepreneurs and is a community of ecosystem builders. The Carlsen Center is excited to partner with the City of Sacramento as a Program Catalyst to successfully design, launch, implement and scale the usage of Mentor Sacramento. This collaboration will build on a community that values and supports entrepreneurial risk-taking and innovation in an effort to solve complex problems and build sustainable solutions for our future. By driving success for entrepreneurs, we will build a thriving region.


Mentor Sacramento is powered by MicroMentor

A program of Mercy Corps, MicroMentor’s easy-to-use social platform enables the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs and business mentors to create powerful connections, solve problems, and build successful businesses together. Committed to a world in which everyone contributes to a thriving economic future, MicroMentor empowers entrepreneurs to be changemakers and provides mentors with a deeper sense of purpose.

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Partner With Us

Sacramento’s ecosystem builders are on the front line of the city’s economic recovery to the pandemic. They are also advocates for small business owners’ success in building a vibrant and flourishing business mentoring community.

By incorporating Mentor Sacramento into their existing small business support and volunteer activities, community partners help to make mentoring available city-wide and bring together diverse communities in a shared initiative. We are proud to offer Mentor Sacramento as a no-cost resource to our community partners and are thankful for their strong collaboration throughout the program.

Are you interested in promoting Mentor Sacramento as a value-added service within your Sacramento-based programming?

Join us in building Sacramento’s local and global business mentoring community. Contact: for more information.