Mentor Sacramento Blog

How mentorship can help with blind spots


You started your company as an expert in some category. But you can't help but have blind spots. Mentors can help identify them.

The Carlsen Center


The center was one of the key initiators of Mentor Sacramento. What is it? How did the center get involved?

Ways mentorship can close the gap for BIPOC entrepreneurs


Sacramento has a significant wealth gap between BIPOC- and white-owned businesses. Inclusive business mentorship can help close it.

How mentorship can help business owners survive challenging times

MS- groupwork.jpg

From COVID-19 to wildfires, it's been a tough year all around. Mentors can help entrepreneurs navigate change smartly.

Why experts/seasoned entrepreneurs still use mentors


Think you've learned it all? Even veteran leaders can benefit from mentorship, thanks to fresh ideas or a different perspective.

Mentorship knows no country

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Why getting the perspective of mentors in different countries is so helpful.

Young innovators' outlook — what does the next decade look like?

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Young innovators often focus on what's right in front of them. Effective mentorship can help them take a long view.

How a formal mentorship relationship changes everything.


What's the difference between having an informal set of mentors and one dedicated connection? We explore.