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Creating an Inclusive Future for Women Entrepreneurs in the MENA Region

With the support of Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and other partners, women entrepreneurs like Reem and Hamsa are projected to create or retain approximately 15,000 jobs globally. Read more about their entrepreneurial journeys.
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3 Pivotal Communication Skills That Will Make You A "Stand-Out" Mentor

There are plenty of characteristics that will help make you the perfect mentor for a small business owner. However, one of the most important characteristics is simple - how you communicate. To ensure that you are having both impactful and useful conversations with your mentee, we have listed 3 must-have communication skills that will make you the ultimate mentor.
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Creating Innovative Solutions in Healthcare Education

Natasha Latta worked with her mentors to create her entrepreneurial vision of cultivating space in which healthcare professionals could safely learn and make mistakes. Read more about how Natasha redesigned her business model and found power in her story.
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Building Food Processing Opportunities in Nigeria

Crossing continental and cultural divides, Nigerian entrepreneur Razaq worked with his mentor Carlos to build a roadmap for marketing and packaging his products. Read more about how mentoring benefits Razaq as he develops and grows his business.
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The Business Owner's Guide to NFTs

Every other day we hear of companies like Nike, Coca Cola & Louis Vuitton launching, investing or selling their own NFTs. But why? What’s the appeal? Since NFT’s are slowly taking over the business world, we decided to give you a crash course on NFT investing and NFT tokens so that you can bring your business into the metaverse.
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Top Tricks to Monetize TikTok

TikTok is a great way to earn some extra income for your business and grow it at the same time. Here is how you can use TikTok to make your business some extra money.
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How Fashion Nova Made Millions on Instagram

Instagram was central to the Fashion Nova success story and serves as a case study for entrepreneurs who want to leverage Instagram for business success. So how exactly did Fashion Nova make millions from their business page on Instagram?
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